Kitchen Kaboodle’s recession proof & Vicky Trabosh

Ever time I drive downtown I pass by Kitchen Kaboodle and inevitably lately it’s been on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course on those days I always think of stopping – not so much on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. You’ve heard, I’m sure, that the store is only open now on Thursday – Sunday, in part to save money which will allow them to bring down prices for their customers.

Yesterday I was driving by and saw a woman try to open the door and then walk away shaking her head as if she couldn’t figure out why the store was closed in the middle of the day during the week. Sweetie, you must look up once in a while and read a newspaper … or a web page. Ooops I just hinted at my age. C’est vraiment du gâchis!

17345175Here’s KK’s appliance of the month? Deal of the day? I can’t remember anything … I think it’s the shock of all this recession talk. I must have one of these. When they go back to 7 days a week I’ll consider the R (recession I want to be in denial) over with.

What? Oh oh oh it’s a Ojex Citrus Juicer and it’s $20 off the regular price darling. It’s won awards for Pete’s sake.

We were able to get just 30 Ojex juicers in Red and 8 in Orange, so don’t delay!

It effortlessly presses out every drop of sweet juice from oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes, without bitter rind oils, pulp or seeds. The Ojex made of enameled cast-iron with a stainless-steel juicing cone and a comfortable, rubberized handle. It’s geared to easily juice half a citrus fruit with just one pull. With the Ojex, fresh citrus juice is fast, easy and delicious.

Stay tuned! I’ll be blogging about SHOP 09 our DIY Media ,,, Social Media Class New BOOKS … speaking of which:

I have the manuscript for Dead Rita’s Wisdom. I LOVE♥ Vicky Trabosh. You do too if you’ve heard her speak. Her new book is called Dead Rita’s Wisdom. photo_victoriatrabosh2006

Yes it’s a bit jarring the first time you hear it but that’s her sense of humor … first you gasp, then you laugh your buttkus off. It’s about her dear departed mother Rita. I’m almost halfway through it. If there are any publishers out there … or agents for that matter … grab this one before it gets away. Love you Vicky. Trabosh btw is an executive coach.

Trabosh founded the Itifari Foundation in 2005. “Together we have created a non-profit organization to assist the survivors of the genocide in Rwanda. This is being done in many ways, including donations to organizations and individuals in Rwanda and by inspiring the women and children to have hope and to realize their empowerment to rebuild better lives.”

Check out her web pages!


One Response

  1. Judith

    thanks – you’re the best! Dead Rita would have loved you – smart, strong, funny….her kind of woman. And for all of you out there who want to be the first to know: go to and sign up to get first notice when the book is FINALLY out! And wait: there’s more: If your name is RITA – it’s FREE…..whooo hoooo! So go to the website and I’ll send you a signed copy.

    I have a friend who told me her CAT is named Rita. She asked if that counts….I told her yes only if she reads the book out loud to her cat. (she of course enthusiastically agreed). Lucky kitty!

    Love you Judith – thanks for the props. Vic

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